April 6, 2014   49 notes

The face you make when someone who has never played before attempts to set the ball.


April 6, 2014   30 notes

When you open up your bag and find your stinky old kneepads from the weekend before.


April 3, 2014   60 notes

When you aren’t paying attention while line judging and the ref asks for the close call.

April 3, 2014   20 notes

When you are at the net and smell a fart from the blocker on the other side.


April 3, 2014   23 notes

When your mom tries to yell at you to “TALK!!!” from the sidelines during serve receive.


April 3, 2014   40 notes

When your coach tells you to find a new partner to pepper with during practice.

March 31, 2014   34 notes

When you stuff block a free ball pass.


March 31, 2014   28 notes

When your teammate is called out of rotation for the third ball in a row.



March 31, 2014   38 notes

When the girl on the other side of the net grunts when she hits the ball.


March 31, 2014   106 notes

When you are reffing and the game goes to 3.


(Source: volleyballathleteproblems)